Ebenezer Cristopher


It all began with an emotional experience

which made me think deeply. My 70 year old mother had a sudden blackout as she was dealing with heart & blood pressure related issues.

Even after consulting experts on the subject her problems persisted. In desperation we consulted a general physician in a remote village who practices about 350 km away from where we stay.

He looked at all her reports & the prescriptions given and said- “The diagnosis is correct, the prescriptions are fine but here are my recommendations.

Please check your blood pressure before you take your tablet…..if it is in a particular range then break the tablet into two & consume only half.”

He looks at me straight in the eye and says “Doctors these days are concentrating more on specializations & have gone so deep down into it that they are missing out on basic common sense”.

 What a profound statement!! In the network

technology space today, we have specialization in silos – switching expert, routing expert, firewall expert etc. We lack a genuine IT physician….that’s where we come in….the point is … networks still suffer with some problem or the other & we are the general physicians.

We Design IT. We Deploy IT. We Deliver IT.